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Financial Risk Management
Hedge Accounting
Valuation of Financial Instruments
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Financial Instruments Valuation

With the development of accounting standards procedures and the transition to fair-value based presentation, a wide variety of financial instruments have been developed, resulting in updates of accounting standard updates and local regulation. The influence of these instruments on a company's financial statements is growing, and presents the company with complicated challenges related to these instruments' valuations and financial statement presentation.

Sensitivity Analysis for Regulatory Purposes

  1. Performance of sensitivity analysis: IFRS 7

Financial Instruments Valuation

  1. Swap valuations (IAS39, IFRS13, ASC815, ASC820)

  2. Option valuations (IAS39, IFRS 13, ASC815, ASC820)

  3. Convertible Debt valuation (IAS39, IFRS13, ASC470, ASC820)

  4. Embedded Derivatives valuation (IAS39, IFRS 13, ASC815, ASC820)

  5. Debt Instrument valuation (IAS39, IFRS13, ASC815, ASC820)

  6. Treatment of Financial Liabilities Settled with Equity Instruments (IFRIC 19)

  7. Transactions between controlling shareholders, including loans and guarantees

  8. Shares valuation in a private company

Employee Stock Options Plan Valuation

  1. Structuring long-term employee compensation plans

  2. Employee Stock Options Plan Valuation (Private company: 409A, Public Company: IFRS2, ASC817)